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Bobcat Weapons has changed its public name to Red Rock Arms. Bobcat Weapons, Inc. owns the trademark named "Red Rock Arms". Officially, the corporation is now known as Bobcat Weapons Inc., d.b.a. Red Rock Arms, but will only use Red Rock Arms in the future. The corporation was forced to change due to a conflict with the Clark Company. The Clark Company claims to own the trademarked name "Bobcat" for dirt moving equipment and threatened legal action. Given he circumstances and funds it would require to engage the Clark Company, Bobcat Weapons Inc., decided to settle fo a name change ad commit its financial resources and energy to developing new firearms. We believe this direction better serves our customers. We also believe that our customers will understand the logical choice to change names rather than engage in a lengthy and expensive legal battle.

As many of our customers know from discussions with us, we ended our buisness arrangement with Special Weapons Inc. in January 2006. As a result, Bobcat Weapons Inc. will no longer manufacture the HK94 clone firearms. However, we will continue to provide customer and warranty support. There is still a small quantity BW5 FSA Rifles and BW5 FSA Pistols available.

In September 2005, Bobcat Weapons Inc., began developing an FN FAL designed to fire a .223 cal./5.56 mm from an AR-15 magazine. Beside compatibility with the AR-15 magazine, the receiver is aluminum which lightens the original FN FAL weight to 8.0 lbs.

The new rifle model is ATR1 (American Tactical Rifle 1). The first prototype receiver was tested with just over 10,000 roundsof ammunition. The pre-production receiver has completed testing through just over 12,000 rounds and a number of 5.56 mm military grade prof rounds.

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