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The Company:

Red Rock Arms is a manufacturer and distributor of firearms for sale in the United States to dealers holding a valid federal firearms license. The corporation was founded on April 14, 2003 in the State of Arizona, where the manufacturing and distribution facility is located.

Red Rock Arms is dedicated to the manufacture of reliable firearms of superior quality that are safe, fun and exciting to shoot. We want our customers to enjoy their purchase now and for many years to come. We manufacture and test every firearm to exacting internal standards to ensure you receive a high quality product. Additionally, we attempt to keep the most popular models in stock, so you may receive your order as soon as possible. Finally, Red Rock Arms provides a lifetime-transferable warranty with every firearm. That means you will be able to enjoy your firearm soon after you order it, it will be worry-free for as long as you own it and it will hold its value if you ever decide to transfer it to a new owner.

Our Product:

The first firearm being offered by Red Rock Arms is the BW-5, 9mm, semi-automatic sporting rifle. It is a high quality replica of the famous 1970's German 9mm carbine rifle. Initially two models are being offered, the BW-5 Standard and the BW-5 FS. Red Rock Arms plans to stock both models in black, so the rifles will be available for immediate delivery. Each model will also be available in optional, special order finishes to include desert tan, OD green and a variety of camouflage schemes.

Red Rock Arms began manufacturing the first BW-5 9mm Standard and BW-5 9mm FS rifles in late December 2003. The first rifles will be available for sale beginning January 31, 2004. Additional models of the BW-5 are planned for introduction in 2005.

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