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The ATR-1 is a new semi-automatic .223 cal./5.56 mm sporting rifle. It is based on the FN FAL platform, one of the most reliable and widely used military rifles in the history of the world. The ATR is blowback operated, with a stationary barrel and gas piston operated breech block unlocking system. It fires in semi-automatic mode, only, from a closed and locked bolt position. The barrel is chambered for a .223 cal./5.56mm cartridge which is fed from a AR-15 magazine. The superior quality and unsurpassed reliability of this firearm make it exciting to shoot and a must for any collection. Click here to view the ATR receiver test summary.

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ATR-1 Carbine Rifle

MSRP: $1,400.00 USD

Standard Model Features:

  • Based on the FN FAL platform
  • Aircraft grade, 7075 T6 aluminum receiver is machined from a solid bar to extacting specifications in the U.S..
  • Design specifically to accept AR-15 (M-16) magazines.
  • Last round hold open and paddle magazine release.
  • Original FN FAL gas operated piston breech block unlocking sysytem, proven, reliable field history in Military and Law enforcement applications.
  • Barrel: smooth chamber .223 cal. / 5.56 mm, carbon steel, 16.25 inch, 1/2-28 TPI threaded barrel, button rifled with a 1:9 twist rate.
  • Buttstock, forend and grip molded from glass filled nylon for added impact strength and thermal stability.
  • The lower, including the fire control mechanism and all components thereof, are original FN FAL components.
  • Semi-Automatic ONLY. The receiver is NOT slotted to accept an auto sear.
  • All primary exterior metal surfaces, except the magazine, are painted with Duracoat brand coatings. Minor parts are finished in black oxide.
  • US parts count: 9
  • 3-Mag (follower, floor plate, body); 1 - Receiver; 1 - Barrel; 1 - Bolt; 3 - Grip, Forend, Butt Stock

    Owner's Safety and Instruction Manual

    Download Product Specification Sheet